To research and design the user experience for Hana, a new co-working venture by CBRE, and Fortune 200 company and the leading Real Estate and Investment company within the world.
The challenge was to integrate multiple competing needs and goals, that were in and of itself, highly complex: offering customizable team suites to large companies, bookable conference room, and shared coworking spaces of all types from desks to private rooms. In addition, the featured coworking spaces were not built and no polished photography existed.
Time was spent on analyzing the business model, and creating UX deliverables like Competitive Audits, User Journey Maps with MURAL, User Personas, User Flows, and Wireframes. Parsing out the most necessary features as well as designing for the big picture was decided as the best strategy. Finding the most suitable stock photography to represent unrealized spaces was a challenge, but I was able to rely on my discerning eye for appropriate an stylish imagery to gill the gap
User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Web UI, Web UX, UX research
User Personas
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