Design the back-end lead management tool for a pharmaceutical clinical trial sign up site targeted towards pet owners who want to enroll in life-saving veterinary drugs for their pets.
Numerous complex variables existed including allowing a signed-in user to see at-a-glance any trials that were not meeting specific benchmarks, to enrollees who needed to be screened. A large amount of data needed to be simplified. Furthermore, the pet owner page needed to provide the company, information on who had called, when and more...
On all the primary pages except pet owner info, the top area was like a "sticky" used to summarize critical information at all times: number of signups, ending of enrollment phase and more. Because each enrollee needed to be screened, I designed the UX to minimize the number of clicks which would become tiresome, created a history, and the ability to see comments from multiple employees who were simultaneously screening candidates. The main overview page also utilized various charting types to assess user adoption.
User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Dashboard Design, Data Visualization, B2B, Web UI, Web UX, Portal Design, Animated Interactive Graphics, Data Analytics
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